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Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary research field which deals with the development and application of theoretical methods from informatics in life sciences. Pharmaceutical Bioinformatics focuses on the identification of novel drugs, the prediction and analysis of drug effects, as well as the processing of data from biomedical research. The discipline combines informatics, biology, chemistry, and pharmaceutical sciences.

About us

Protein and Compound

We are scientists from different disciplines such as pharmaceutical sciences, informatics, chemistry, biology, and biophysics, working together in an interdisciplinary team. We are united by our interest in methods from bioinformatics and their application in pharmaceutical sciences. This can involve the structural modeling of molecular interactions, the analysis of genomic and transcriptomic data from humans, pathogens or drug-producing organisms, the analysis of high-throughput data e.g. from DNA-methylation detection, or applying machine learning methods for pattern recognition to various data from medicinal research projects.


New compounds in NANPDB

We have recently updated NANPDB and it has more about 500 new compounds. Visit NANPDB.

New website online

We have recently published a new group website. Any feedback is welcome!

New member: Ammar Qaseem

Welcome to Ammar, our newest PhD student - more information here.

8th Pharma Relay

8th Pharmastaffellauf will again take place at the Schlossberg: Please register your teams more information here.

NANPDB: Publication of Natural products database

NANPDB: Compilation of Natural products from North Africa. Database for drug discovery. Please find here the related article.

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